Pet Pals offers Curbside Pickup!

1. Place your phone order

Simply call the shop at (831) 464-8775 and let the staff member know that you want to place a phone order and they will do the shopping for you while you stay on the line.

2. Pay over the phone

In order to pay for your order we will ask for the card information over the phone and input that into our card reader manually and process the order while you are on the line.

If you do not want to pay over the phone we can hold the order for you and you can come into the shop and pay for the order yourself during regular business hours.

3. Come get your stuff

To recieve the phone order you will need to confirm your identity with a valid California ID and present the card used to pay for the order. These steps are in place to ensure fruad charges do not happen.

Pictures of ID and card are not accepted. If someone else is picking up the order make sure they have a valid California ID and have the card used for the payment.


Frequently Asked Questions:


    Broadly speaking, the process of getting your Curbside Pickup order is:

    1. Go to the store location during normal business hours.
    2. Notify employees that you’ve arrived by calling the store, 831-464-8775.
    3. Your order is retrieved.
    4. One or more employees meets you at your vehicle and checks your photo ID and credit card.
    5. Your order is loaded into your car.



    We do not have dedicated parking for Curbside Pickup.  When you call, let us know what you're driving and roughly where you're parked.  We'll find you!  


    As quickly as possible. Exactly how quickly you get your order will depend upon factors like order volume and staffing levels. Thank you for being patient with us.



         No. Curbside orders can only be picked up by the cardholder that placed the order. 

         It protects both the cardholder and Pet Pals from unauthorized charges.  

         We apologize for the inconvienance.


    If you haven't picked up your order within 5 days after it's processed, we'll refund your order and return the items to our inventory.


    We'll cancel and refund your order then return the items to our inventory.


    You will need to bring in the items and the reciept and do the exchange in the store.


    Availability of same-day pickup depends upon the item and what time of day you place the order. Please plan accordingly so that you can arrive during open hours 9am - 7pm. Remember to have your ID and card used to pay for the order with you at time of pick up.


    We're here for you! For other questions regarding Curbside Pickup, call us at 831-464-8775.