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JULY 2024






Animal Type: Cat

Breed Type: American Short Hair Orange Tabby

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 10lbs

Nicknames: Blazey

Enjoys eating: Taste of the Wild Lowland Creek

Favorite snacks/treats: Blue Wilderness soft cat treats

Favorite activities: Playing fetch and catching his own tail

Favorite toy: String covered mouse (his fetching toy)

Fun Facts: Blaze thinks he's a dog




JUNE 2024





Animal Type: Guinea Pig

Breed Type: Hairless Guinea Pig

Age: 2.5 years old

Weight: 2lbs

Nicknames: Muscle Booty

Enjoys eating: Green bell peppers

Favorite snacks/treats: Alfalfa Hay

Favorite activities: Taking beauty naps

Favorite toy: Straw balls

Fun Facts: Muscle Butt loves to travel and getting nose scratches




MAY 2024







Animal Type: Dog

Breed Type: Chihuahua

Age: 5

Weight: 4lbs

Nicknames: Six

Enjoys eating: Rockster canned dog food, Badlands, and Stella & Chewy's

Favorite snacks/treats: Icelandic Puffs

Favorite activities: sun bathing and walking on the beach

Favorite toy: Sixpence likes soft plush toys that are bigger than her

Fun Facts: Sixpence likes to burrow into blankets and she thinks she is a bigger dog than she really is




APRIL 2024







Animal Type: Dog

Breed Type: Dachshund Chihuahua

Age: 15

Weight: 16lbs

Nicknames: Mr. Ed, Eddie Boy, Dudu Bird, Lil Gremlin

Enjoys eating: Freshpet

Favorite snacks/treats: No-Hide chews

Favorite activities: Socializing and snoring

Favorite toy: Small Extreme Kong with jerky treats inside!

Fun Facts: I love to eat salad (aka grass) after the rain for the fresh dew




MARCH 2024





Animal Type: Rabbit

Breed Type: Dwarf Hotot

Age: ~ 3 years

Weight: 2 pounds

Nicknames: Noo Noo, Little Tractor

Enjoys eating: Round Lake Farm pellets

Favorite snacks/treats: Roundlake Farms strawberry & banana baked treats

Favorite activities: Burrowing in blankets & pillows on her human companions bed

Favorite Toy: Binky Bunny palm leaf bowls. Noodle also likes to play in The Destruction Box - a cardboard box filled with grass mats, paper, and various objects and toys for her to rip to shreds


Fun Facts: Noodle's record for highest hop is 2.5 feet!








Animal Type: Hognose Snake

Breed Type: Toffee Conda

Age: 1 year old

Weight: 1 pound

Nicknames: Baby Noodle

Enjoyes eating: Frozen mice

Favorite activities:  Exploring his enclosure with Aspen Snake Bedding and using his Repti Rock watering dish

Favorite Toy: His rock cave

Fun Facts: He is very small and likes blankets. Lemon Bar also loves tucking himself under a paper towel blanket to sleep





Animal Type: Dog


Breed Type: German Shorthair Pointer


Age: 9 Years


Weight: 59lbs


Nicknames: Sweety and beautiful


Enjoyes eating: Evanger's


 Favorite snacks/treats: Anything crunchy behind the counter!


 Favorite activities:  Chasing squirrels!


Favorite Toy: Any squirrel toy!



 Fun Facts: Accidentally found out she can swim and now she loves to swim!





Animal Type: Cat


Breed Type: Buff Tabby Domestic Short Hair


Age: 2 years


Weight: 10lbs


Nicknames: Baby One, Princess, Cat


Enjoyes eating: Purina Urinary Tract Health Dry Food


Favorite snacks/treats: Greenies


 Favorite activities: Kneeding blankets


Favorite Toy:  Hemp and catnip mice toys


Fun Facts:  Buttercup loves belly rubs!





Animal Type: Cat


Breed Type: Domestic Short Hair


Age: 3 1/2 years


Weight: 11lbs


Nicknames: Precious, Snuggle Bug, Stink, Princess, Loaf


Enjoyes eating:Acana canned cat foods and chicken


 Favorite snacks/treats:  Blue Buffalo cat treats


 Favorite activities: Playing chase and hide and seek


Favorite Toy: Catnip mice & wands


Fun Facts: Cleo has a heart shaped spot on her coat! 






Animal Type: Dog


Breed Type: Pit


Age: 10 months


Weight: 45lbs


Nicknames: None yet 


Enjoyes eating:Taste of the Wild


 Favorite snacks/treats: Still trying to find a favorite


 Favorite activities: Cuddling


Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball


Fun Facts: Mylee was recently adopted from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter 





Animal Type: Parrot


Breed Type: Senegal Parrot


Age: 3


Weight: 1lb


Nicknames: Beep and Baby Sunny


Enjoyes eating: Nutriberries


 Favorite snacks/treats: Grapes


 Favorite activities: Chewing up wood


Favorite Toy: Wooden toys hung in his cage

or held in his foot



Fun Facts: Sunny learns words by association and asks to go to bed every night





Animal Type: Dog

Breed Type: Chiweenie

Age: 3

Weight: 12lbs

Nicknames: Debster, Mommas Baby

Enjoyes eating: Happy Dog  and Stella & Chewy's freeze dried lamb    

Favorite snacks/treats: Bully sticks, Chicken clucks, Stewarts Liver treats, and doggy ice cream

Favorite activities: Playing fetch and snuggling with his mom

Favorite Toy: Chuck-It! small balls and his Spot Taco soft toy

Fun Facts: Deebo is named after a 49er player







Animal Type: Dog

Breed Type: Siberian Husky

Age: 7

Weight: 42lbs

Nicknames: Momma, Mol, Molly Girl

Enjoyed eating: Taste of the Wild  and Stella & Chewy's freeze dried meal mixers   

Favorite snacks/treats: Charlee Bear treats and Greenies teenie dental treats

Favorite activities: Pulling her human companion on a skateboard and running on the beach

Favorite Toy: Her gnome

Fun Facts: Molly lived in the suburbs of Philidelphia the first three years of her life before moving to Santa Cruz

As you can tell, Ms. Molly is a very special Pet of the Month. Molly loved coming to Pet Pals for all her yummy foods, tasty treats, and loved picking out fun toys. Molly would always let out cries of excitement when she pulled into the parking lot because she knew her friends at Pet Pals had treats waiting for her at the registers. The staff at Pet Pals are honored to have had the privilege of serving such a beautiful soul. 





Animal Type: Cat

Breed Type: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 2

Weight: Artemis (left in image) is about 10 pounds and Apollo (back right of image) is about 12 pounds

Nicknames: Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Enjoys eating: Wellness canned cat food  and Purevita dry cat food   

Favorite snacks/treats: Blue Buffalo cat treats and Orijen cat treats

Favorite activities: Chasing the laser pointer, climbing trees, grooming each other at nap time

Favorite Toy: catnip toys

Fun Facts: This brother and sister pair were found on a mountain property at around three and a half weeks old and were bottle fed. Today these cats live a spoiled life with a loving family. These "twins" are also June Geminis






Animal Type: Cat

Breed Type: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 12

Weight: 9.5 pounds

Nicknames: Roxanna Biaul

Enjoys eating: Fussie Cat cans

Favorite snacks/treats: Fussie Cat Squeeze Treats

Favorite activities: Yelling, chasing greebles, and belly rubs at bedtime

Favorite Toy: Kick bags and catnip

Fun Facts: Roxanne likes using Odorlock Litter and sampling human food. Her favorites so far are American cheese and donuts. 







Animal Type: Cat

Breed Type: Domestic Shorthair 

Age: 2

Weight: 9.5

Nicknames: Mr. Luderman, Kee-Kee

Enjoys eating: Fussie Cat cans, Weruva BFF cans, and FirstMate canned cat food

Favorite snacks/treats: Inaba Charu Tuna flavored cat treats and Orijen cat treats

Favorite activities: Stalking and attacking ankles and sleeping on the back cushion of couches

Favorite Toy: Anything with catnip

Fun Facts: Your cats grooming process stimulates blood flow to their skin, helps regulates body temperature and helps them relax. 






Animal Type: Rabbit

Breed Type: Dwarf Hotot

Age: ~ 3 years

Weight: 2 pounds

Nicknames: Noodie, Tiny Beast

Enjoys eating: Sherwood pellets, cilantro, fennel, and bok choy

Favorite snacks/treats: bananas and blueberries

Favorite activities: Running around the apartment at top speed, chewing everything in sight, and causing mayhem

Favorite Toy: The Destruction Box - a cardboard box filled with grass mats, paper, and various objects and toys for her to rip to shreds

Fun Facts: Noodle likes to be wrapped up in a blanket like a little burrito when it's cold and she will always give her mom lots of kisses after she pets her








Animal Type: Dog

Breed Type: Chocolate English Lab

Age: 3 months

Weight: 12 pounds

Nicknames: Maze, Maizy May, May May

Enjoys eating: Instinct freeze-dried puppy food

Favorite snacks/treats: McLovin's freeze-dried treats and Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

Favorite activities: Chasing and playing with her brother and sister

Favorite Toy: Soft Nylabones and Kong puppy toys

Fun Facts: Maizy is using Pee Pads to help her get potty trained, she only barks when it is feeding time, and she loves slippers!





Animal Type: Dog

Breed Type: American Pitbull Doberman Mix

Age: 10 Years Young

Weight: 85lbs

Nicknames: Thomas Jefferson, Tomas, Master Splinter, Mr. Pitterman

Enjoys eating: Pure Vita, Stella & Chewy's, Evanger's, and Merrick

Favorite snacks/treats: Primal Raw Frozen Bones, Whimzees,

and Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

Favorite activities: playing with the Chuck It!, running in the backyard, and napping with his humans

Favorite Toy: Chuck It! and SPOT Bambones

Fun Facts: He is a parvo survivor, a Virgo, and his rescue papers said he was a Catahoula Lab but his family did a DNA test for his Christmas present in 2022 and discovered he is a Pit Doberman!